Ph.D. in Rhetoric & Writing

Rhetoric & Writing PhD students Bailey Poland, Clay Chiarelott, Lena Ziegler, Travis Hein, and Brian Urias

The Rhetoric & Writing doctoral program prepares students for impactful careers as rhetoric and composition faculty and administrators. Our students engage a range of intellectual approaches at the intersection of history, theory and pedagogy. 学生们 learn together in and beyond the space of the seminar room, developing research, teaching and civic identities through a range of coursework in rhetorical, cultural, empirical and digital approaches to writing.


2020 Winner of the Mick Doherty Kairos Award: Ran Meyer


Third-year member of the Rhetoric & Writing PhD program Ran Meyer has been named the 2020 recipient of the Mick Doherty Kairos Award.

The late Mick Doherty graduated from the Rhetoric & Writing Program in 1994. The 米克·多尔蒂凯罗斯奖学金 was established to help provide educational expenses for 毕业 Assistants in the Rhetoric and Writing Doctoral Program of the Department of 英语 at 手机赌博app, in honor of his memory. 了解更多关于该奖项。


OWI Poster


On Monday, April 6, 2020, Dr. Chad Iwertz Duffy, a faculty member in the Rhetoric & Writing doctoral program facilitated a webinar titled, "Online Teaching in a Time of Crisis: An Online Writing Pedagogies and Research Webinar." Speakers included Dr. Lauren Salisbury, Brian Urias, and Jessie Male.

Brainstorming for the 2021 CCCC

Rhetoric & Writing Brainstorming for #4C21

The Rhetoric & Writing doctoral program will be hosting two virtual brainstorming sessions for the 2021 Conference on College Composition and 通讯! 会话将通过WebEx从11将于二,4月29日:30-12:20和星期五,五月1从1:00-1:50。 我们希望看到你在那里!

RSBS Elections 2020-2021



我们很高兴地宣布以下选出的位置:brandie bohney担任总裁;艾玛格思里担任副总裁;摩根麦克杜格尔任书记;安妮cigic,雷切尔·弗林,和劳拉默纳德21世纪英语变会议共同主席;和粘土chiarelotte作为研究生参议院代表。